We all have to look for a new home eventually. Whether you’re moving from an apartment or a condo into a single-family home, you’re looking to downsize, or you’ve outgrown your current home; there are many reasons to think about buying or building a home in North Carolina. But which one is best? After reading this guide, you should be able to start formulating your new home plan.

The final cost of buying an existing home and building a new home will vary. New construction homes tend to already come with popular, contemporary and updated finishes and features. This added perk will give your home a greater resale value later on. There are many other reasons to build a home in North Carolina. You’ll need a professional real estate company to help you decide and weigh the pros and cons of whether to buy or build a home in North Carolina.

Read below so you can decide whether you want to build a home in North Carolina. The team at Landmark knows the Western North Carolina area well and we can help you find the perfect home. Many of our agents are from this rustic slice of paradise, or they’ve moved here to be closer to the magic and allure of the Highlands-Cashiers plateau. We have lots and homes for sale in Highlands, Cashiers, Sapphire Valley and more.