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Growing up in a farming family instilled the true meaning of hard work. Many days were long, and many were hot or rainy. Many weeks there were no days off. Yet, when we weren’t harvesting, we planned and prepared ground- all for the following year’s crop – our family depended on it. This dedication, discipline, and determination led to the beginnings of Howell Builders Inc.

As a senior in high school, I was offered a part-time job working with a family of local builders.
I was able to work with them only when my father could afford my absence on the farm. However, with these builders, I began learning a new trade, one that I quickly learned, one that I quickly became highly proficient at, and one that started a new dream. With them, I learned all facets of the building business; framing, cabinetry, trimming, siding, and so much more.

In 1983, another prominent, busy local builder approached me. He required a framing crew and offered me the opportunity to gather a team and start framing all his new homes. I immediately rounded up a team, and we began what was then Howell’s Construction. Not only was this the start of my new dream, but it also provided a bit more stability for me with a chance to continue learning and growing.

My framing business became primary by then, but I would always help my father in farming as he needed me.
I always wanted to learn more, do more, so in the early 1990s, I sat for the NC General Contractor’s License exam. At that point, I expanded and began custom building homes. It was then that I changed to Howell Builders, Inc. My framing crew was still building strength, and I also added decks, porches, and fences to the available services.

As the years continued, team members, have changed as my wife and sons joined me along the way as we have grown. We now offer custom home building, decks, screen porches, panels, and additions. I am proud to have grown Howell Builders, Inc into a family business…just as I started at a young age.

Roots run deep, as I will continue to build and grow and offer services to help homebuyers and homebuilders achieve their dreams. –Thank You, Bryan Howell

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